The Station’s History

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The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) arrived in Beiseker in 1910 and the station was completed in 1913. Beiseker’s CPR station is one of the few remaining in rural Alberta and proudly celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013!

A Tale of Two Stations

Beiseker originally had two railway stations, CPR and CNR. After passenger cars stopped servicing rural Alberta, both stations were neglected and – like so many others across the province – faced certain demolition. When Beiseker’s CNR station was demolished overnight, Beiseker’s residents were motivated to save their remaining station and historic landmark. In 1973, the CPR station was purchased by the village for an honorary sum of $5 and in 1984 enough funds were secured to finish restoring the building.

After sitting vacant for twenty five years, the CPR station was converted into a space that was shared by the Village Office, Beiseker Station Museum, the Beiseker Library, an early education program, and an artist run shop. The library and early education program eventually outgrew the space but the station continues to house Beiseker Station Museum and the Village Office.

A Tale of Two Stations

Beiseker’s CPR station (left) and CNR station (right).

An About Face

When the city purchased the station it was decided that the building should face the street, rather than train tracks which have since been removed. So they flipped it by 180 degrees! A basement was also added during this process. Check out some pictures of the station being installed on its current foundation:

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Newspaper Clippings

Read more about the station’s history and follow the story of its restoration in these newspaper articles! Right click a thumbnail and select “open link in new tab” to go directly to the full sized image.

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