Our COVID-19 Response


Keeping our Community Safe

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we have had to amend our offerings. The museum is currently open for visitation & we have put in place several temporary precautions to keep our guests, our staff, and our community safe. Together we will get through this.


Thank you for visiting Beiseker Station Museum! We’re happy you’re interested in visiting, but we are asking that anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or who has been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case to self select to not visit the museum interior today. We thank you for your understanding.

It is dangerous for the life of our collections to use contemporary disinfectants on them. Please keep this in mind. Here at the museum we always ask you not to touch, but this plea has never been more vital. Please do not touch any artifacts or historic materials in the museum.

If you happen to become infected with COVID-19 within two weeks of your visit here, please contact the museum at beisekerstationmuseum@gmail.com


Our museum is also home to the Village of Beiseker office on the main floor of the museum. Please do not enter the museum before checking in with the Village Office staff. They can provide you with a tour map, and any information you require prior to your visit.

Upon entering with your tour map, please proceed to the exhibit areas, and maintain social distancing while in the entry way. Villagers may be entering or exiting the offices.

Family groups and individuals are welcome to tour the museum. We are awaiting instruction from Alberta Health about visiting. Last year during times we were allowed to be open we had one family group enter the building at a time. Groups were provided with 45 minutes of time to explore the museum (which is a bit more than the average time a guest spends in our space) if another group is waiting, otherwise folks were welcome to look as long as they like. If you happened to arrive while another group is in the museum, there is plenty to look at outside, including our caboose, our sod house, and several local points of interest within walking distance. We hold your spot in line while you explore the village.

While in the museum please be sure to follow all the signage provided. While we have several interactive exhibits, we have disabled or removed these temporarily for your safety. Please respect closures and join us again in future for the full museum experience.


Our community is providing regular disinfecting of surfaces within the museum. Inside the main building our washrooms, doorknobs, and interior handrails are disinfected hourly. Our caboose is also disinfected regularly. Our information center is disinfected between each family group that enters.

In addition to regular sanitizing, the museum has provided hand sanitizing stations for your use. Please feel free to use these, but refrain from touching artifacts.


Our caboose and information centre open June 26th. Please note our caboose is sanitized hourly. We ask that guests only enter with their family group.

If you choose to come into the information booth to purchase gifts or retrieve information (such as brochures) we ask that you refrain from touching surfaces unnecessarily. Please DO NOT enter the caboose or the information booth if you can see another group is already inside. We will endeavour to keep our outbuildings open to serve guests, however, they will have to be closed if safety protocol are not being followed.


Should the museum learn that a recent guest (to the exhibit spaces) has become infected with COVID-19 we will implement a closure of the museum for one full week (7 days). We will post this closure on our Trip Advisor and WordPress site (and any other web based channels we develop over the course of the pandemic) along with the reason for closure and the date of re-opening.

During the pandemic we have paused our collecting activities. Should you wish you make an artifact donation to the museum, please consider holding on to it until further notice.

Please note that our staff have been instructed that under no circumstances are they to come to work if they are feeling ill, are symptomatic, or have come into contact with a presumptive or confirmed case of COVID-19. We do provide sick leave for our guides. The village office staff have similar recommendations in place, and will be asking any visitors to their building not to come in should they feel ill.