Beiseker: The Early Years

‘Beiseker: The Early Years’ is the village’s history as remembered by some of Beiseker’s early settlers. This 25 minute film features oral histories collected by Beiseker Station Museum.

‘Beiseker: The Early Years’ is available on DVD for $10 at Beiseker Station Museum and Beiseker’s Village Office. All proceeds go directly towards supporting the museum.

Oral histories contributed by:
Minnie Tetz
Ed Schwartzenberger
Eva Wegener
Ed McNair
Frank Elliot
Mary Schwartzenberger
Matt Hagel
Alice Stern
Albert Hagel
Adam Velker
Bill Perks
Louis Schmaltz

Script by:
Jeannette Richter, Beiseker Museum Society

Narrated by:
Doug McCullough

Produced by:
Access Television and the Department of Education for Alberta