Beiseker’s Golden Heritage

Beisekers Golden Heritage

Beiseker’s Golden History was published in 1977 and is currently in it’s second printing! Copies are available to read at the Beiseker Library and for sale at the Museum! Copies are available for $70.00.

There are other treasures for sale at the Museum, including a cookbook featuring local family recipes, and a variety of items featuring our town mascot, Squirt the Skunk!

These stories are showcased in our upstairs exhibits.

2 thoughts on “Beiseker’s Golden Heritage

  1. Hi Shedion, we’d be happy to check the archives, or to try and find someone in the community who has a copy, unfortunately with the pandemic we’re closed for the moment, and our meetings are on hold. The Museum does sell re-issued classic cookbooks from the area, maybe one of these has the recipes you’re looking for? We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re open again! Wishing you well.

  2. Hi Shedian, my grandmother was also Rose Schleppe and my mother is Lewanna Frodle. My mom still has that cookbook. It is very well used and very loved. I can possibly photocopy it for you, if youd like. It would still be wonderful to have an original copy. Please email me at
    I’d love to visit with you.
    Your cousin Tonya (Frodle) Woodford

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